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Why I am Almost Alcohol-Free

I learned to appreciate a wine in my early 40’s even though I moved to Barcelona in my 30’s, where wine is abundant, exquisite, and cheap. I didn’t appreciate the taste of wine, so I didn’t force my Asian-American tastebud into something that seemed at the time, less satisfying than a Coke or sparkling water.

Then Monvínic happened. Monvinic, described by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times as probably the best wine bar/restaurant in the world, opened near me. They offer wine tasting classes as well as events with winemakers who come to present their art in intimate settings. I signed up, and soon, Monvínic became my second home.

I became a diligent student in wine. Every visit to Monvinic was a new wine experience by the glass, from different regions of Catalunya, Spain, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Years later, I realize that I was drinking wine with every meal except breakfast, and I was looking forward to rushing home from work or yoga class, to enjoy my glass of wine with dinner.

As I entered my 50’s, my body, brain, and face started to become sensitive to the effect of wine. More than a glass would make my belly bloat, and my mind dull. The morning after, my head feels heavy, I am sluggish, and lack energy. I shuffle to the bathroom mirror, and I see my face looks dull, tired, and sad. Feeling beaten is not how I want to start my mornings, nor how I want to live out what I plan to be my most productive years.

Three significant changes happen when you age:
Your liver and stomach are less able to remove alcohol from your body, so toxin accumulates in your system.
You have less fluid to break down the alcohol.
Your body produces almost no collagen, and alcohol damages what little collagen you have left.

The consequences of all this to my maturing skin are significant dryness and dehydration, a dull complexion, and an increase in visible wrinkles.

I’ve gradually cut back on my alcohol consumption, which I found surprisingly easy, and now I am almost alcohol-free.

I also get a regular dose of microcurrent facial to activate collagen and elastin production, accelerate blood circulation to my face for an explosion of much-needed oxygen and vitamins, and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

The improvement to my facial muscles and skin health since adapting the almost-alcohol free lifestyle is undeniable. I will continue to enjoy wine but only for exceptional occasions, like when I meet my friends again for the first time after lockdown and enjoy wine only from truly iconic, artisanal vineyards like Castell d’Encus.

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