Facial treatments and Skincare

microcurrent “natural facelift” specialist

Specialist in facial treatments for mature skin, utilising protocols and products with active ingredients that are biocompatible, natural and organic. 

What is microcurrent?

Possibly the best natural alternative to Botox, microcurrent is non-invasive, bio-compatible and with no down time.

Microcurrent tones facial muscles with sub-sensorial level of electric stimulation to lift sagging facial muscles, smooth out horizontal forehead lines and leave your skin with a radiant glow.

Our CACI Synergy machine combines with red LED light to significantly power up collagen and ATP production for immediate, ongoing and sustainable results.

Who is PEONY de SY?

Peony has nearly 15 years experience as an esthetician, educator and trainer. She is a New York State licensed esthetician, a Microcurrent and Clean Beauty specialist.

Her esthetic qualifications include Oncology Esthetics, Kobido Level 3 facial massage, Microblading, Electric Depilation, Skin Care product formulation and Aromatherapy.

Personalised Facial Treatment with Peony

Our Personalised Facial includes a skin consultation with Peony, who will select the appropriate skin care products and protocols to address your skin type, condition and concerns.

75 min. / 95 €

Microcurrent Therapy with LED Light

Often dubbed the “natural facelift”, Microcurrent Therapy is non-invasive, rejuvenating treatment that works almost instantaneously to tone facial muscles, reduce fine lines and add radiance to your complexion.

70 min. / 75 €

Microcurrent Therapy Packages

Options 1: 420€ or 6 sessions for 70€ per session. Total saving of 30€

Option 2: 780€ or 12 sessions for 65€ per session. Total saving of 120€.

Normal price is 75€ per session.

Our star treatment is a twice a week, 12-sessions intensive Microcurrent treatment that kick-starts the recovery of the facial muscle tone and prepares it for minimal monthly maintenance. It delivers dramatic and immediate improvements both on facial muscle tone and skin complexion.

420 €

LED Light Facial Therapy with Lymph Stimulation

Ideal for mature, sensitive and acne prone skin. 

Red LED light promotes the production of collagen and ATP, resulting in a visibly fuller and physiologically younger skin with each treatment.  Active stimulation of collagen gives visible results that continue long after you leave the room, and we recommend a program of bi-monthly sessions. Its benefits are commutative and continue long after you have left the treatment room.

30 min. / 55 €

Exfoliating Facial Treatment

Designed for acne prone, mature or sun-damaged skin, this gentle treatment cleanses and revitalizes the skin as well as stimulate collagen production. Ultrasonic technology removes dead cells that have accumulated over time.

40 min. / 50 €