Microcurrent Therapy Packages

Options 1: 420€ or 6 sessions for 70€ per session. Total saving of 30€

Option 2: 780€ or 12 sessions for 65€ per session. Total saving of 120€.

Normal price is 75€ per session.

Our star treatment is a twice a week, 12-sessions intensive Microcurrent treatment that kick-starts the recovery of the facial muscle tone and prepares it for minimal monthly maintenance. It delivers dramatic and immediate improvements both on facial muscle tone and skin complexion.

Microcurrent improves both in muscle tone and in the skin complexion, increases collagen and elastin production by about 20% and Adensonine triphosphate by 500% in one session.  Many clients report using less make up as a result.

Who is it for? Microcurrent treatments are recommended for clients 30+ years old.  For 25-30 year olds, we recommend to start a monthly Microcurrent treatment to delay visible signs of ageing.

420 €