Microcurrent Therapy with LED Light

Often dubbed the “natural facelift”, Microcurrent Therapy is non-invasive, rejuvenating treatment that works almost instantaneously to tone facial muscles, reduce fine lines and add radiance to your complexion.

Microcurrent Therapy works by emitting low-voltage electrical currents that emulate the body’s own currents on a cellular level. This stimulates production of collagen of up to 20% per session, boosts blood circulation, lymph drainage and repairs damaged skin.

The energy chemical for all cell function known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) increases by 500% following every treatment, speeding up cell repair and promoting healthier cell production. Each session builds on the last.

Our CACI microcurrent combines with LED light to significantly power up the production of ATP, collagen and elastin.

Who is it for? We recommend starting the microcurrent treatment in your 30’s when production of collagen declines about 1% every year.

A highly-healing, restorative and regenerative treatment, Microcurrent Therapy helps to erase fine lines and wrinkles whilst firming facial muscles, reducing puffiness, tightening pores and defining features. Many believe that results rival some of the top plastic surgery treatments and a natural alternative to Botox use. Microcurrent Therapy is also able to correct any issues caused by long-term Botox use.

Please ask about bonus plan.

70 min. / 75 €