Rejection and the City

“You know what – stop. Let’s just end this” 

I was in NYC the other week doing facials.  My client wanted to stop, immediately, in the middle of a treatment. I was speechless (and quite embarrassed). In my 14 years as a licensed esthetician, I’ve never experienced something like this. But shamefully stop, I did. And since I figured it couldn’t get any worse, I asked him what made him decide to end so abruptly.


From his feedback, I quickly realized the problem was not the quality of the procedure, but one of communication. I had not made it clear what my client was to expect. He was simply looking for an hour of relaxation (which of course we all need once in a while!).


So let me be clear: a microcurrent facial is not that relaxing massage-filled treatment you might book for a tranquil spa day. The purpose of a microcurrent facial is to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. The procedure revitalizes the facial muscles through a microcurrent, which is carefully choreographed through my hands and the device for about an hour. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, trains and manipulates the facial muscles to tone and tighten, encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, and overall provides natural results that mimic the intensity and direction like that of Botox… just without any chemicals or injections.


So Is the microcurrent facial the ultimate relaxation session? No. But are injectable, chemical-based anti-aging treatments relaxing? Definitely not. Is the hour long facial a great time to take a nap? Sure! Does the treatment leave you with radiant, glowing, transformed skin? Absolutely!


Want to learn more about my microcurrent facial? Read more about it here.

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