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PEONY de SY on the best beauty routine for perfect skin

We’re currently in mid winter – how do the seasons affect one’s skin?

The air outside is very drying for the skin, it depletes sebum, oil on our skin. The heater inside the house is very dehydrating for the skin, the dry air depletes the water on our skin. Most Common situation is cracked, flaking skin. Indoors solution is to have a humidifier to keep skin hydrated. Even oily skin can be dehydrated – lack water.

What is the ideal beauty routine on a daily and weekly basis?

With skin there is no one size fits all. Beauty routine is specific depending on a person’s skin type and skin condition. A good esthetician can help you make the right decisions for your specific condition but you also need to learn how to “listen” to how your skin is feeling and adjust your products or rituals accordingly. But in general, basic daily ritual should include: cleanse, exfoliate, protect with hydrator. And sunscreen during the day. From this core, you can build up by incorporating Antioxidants, and other targeted treatments like skin brighter, retinol to address specific skin concerns. I personally give my skin a rest one day a week. No makeup, no face cream, to keep my skin “working”, fending for its own needs. Our body is capable of generating what we need to repair itself so I don’t want to overfeed or over protect my skin with too many products.

How often do you suggest having facials?

This depends on age and skin concern. For all skin type at least twice a year but ideally it should be every change of season. If there is a very specific objective like treating acne or muscle tonification with microcurrent then once a month is idea. I say twice a year because winter and summer are two very extreme changes in temperature. Skin condition changes according to changes in weather, example:

Winter: exfoliate dead skin cells so can absorb protective hydration. Focus on hydration.

Summer: focus is to keep pores clean and skin blemish free from sweat, pollution, dirt, sant and salt…

For those over 40, a seasonal exfoliation and cleansing is idea to prevent accumulation of dead skin cells that tend to dull the skin. After 35 or so, the skin cycle of 28 days slows down up to 50 days so you have almost a month worth of dead skin cells sitting on top of your face, that when we were young, should have flaked off on its own. This accumulated dead skin cell mixes with dirt, makeup, sweat and face cream all this can cause adult acne and blemishes. The skin changes when there is change in weather, hormones, stress level, etc. It’s like going to the dentist. You go twice a year to make sure problem are kept under control. It depends on your objective. Preventive of sagging facial muscle: start getting a monthly session of microcurrent in your 30s. Acne: monthly deep cleansing and extraction. Corrective and maintenace: monthly

Is the routine very different dependent on your skin type?

Absolutely. You can make your skin sensitive or sensitised by using products not suited for your skin type and condition. You can create problems by using the wrong product or too many products or doing too many things on your skin.

What is the best order to apply products?

From the lightest molecule to the biggest. Serums for example should be applied before the day cream because in general serums have smaller molecules, have more concentrated active ingredients and this will sit on top of your day cream and not do its work.

There are so many beauty products on the market, which ones do you think are the best around?

Look for products with active ingredients that are are high up on the ingredient list Vitamin C should be at least 15% no more than 20% for example and because easily oxidises, look for vitamin C in ampolla or dark bottle or airless bottles. Brands with well formulated products and quality active ingredients will usually state the percentage because they are proud of it. I have a preference for organic beauty products so I am biased on Eminence and Dr. Haushka. I especially like Eminence because they have all the active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, AHA and BHA but in botanical version.
Skinceutical, Marti Derm are well formulated products.

What are common mistakes that people make in their beauty routine?

They spend a lot of money on serum and creams and cleanser but they don’t exfoliate so the products just lay on top of the dead skin cells instead of working deeper in the skin and do the job they are supposed to do. They use soap or drying cleanser to clean face especially the ones with oily skin. They overdry acne skin. Over treat their face.

For those who have neglected their skin for several years, is it possible to bring back radiance?

Absolutely. Take the pedicure analogy. If you haven’t had a pedicure in years and you don’t hydrate it, you will likely have cracked heel with deep visible lines. If you start scraping off the tough skin and then nourish it with a rich foot cream, you will recover baby soft heels suddently the lines are not as visible. It is the same with our faces. You can continue to improve on this by incorporating bio-compatible technologies like LED light and microcurrent.

Is there such a thing as a ‘quick fix’ ?

My favourite quick fix is microcurrent. It’s a go to for the red carpets. It not only tones the skin, but it jump starts the blood circulation and stimulates production of collagen and elastin. Result is facial muscle lifted, and lumnious skin tone.

How important is diet for one’s skin?

Very important.
Worst skin enemy is refined sugar.
Glycation causes collagen to break down.
Cut down on sugar and alcohol and see the inflammation, baggy eyes diminish.

What about men, should they be looking after their skin as much as women?

Yes. Fortunately for them, their skin is thicker and collagen structure is stronger. And most importantly, they don’t have to deal with hormonal imbalances women go through like menstruation, birth control pills, menopause. Women, with weaker collagen structure and thinner skin on top of it have to go through hormonal issues that causes havoc on the skin.

If you had to suggest the 3 most important aspects of good skin care, what would they be?

Hydration with sun protection

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