Peony flowers

Peony, a Symbol that will Always Accompany Me.

It is difficult to be named Peony and not be interested in the mythology and history of this majestic flower.

In Asian cultures, the peony, considered to be the queen of flowers, symbolizes nobility, beauty, and elegance. During the Tang Dynasty, the cultivation of peonies was reserved only for the private gardens of the emperors of China.

There are more than 3,000 varieties worldwide, ranging in a medley of colors from all spectrums of the rainbow.

While the peony is physically regal, feminine, and elegant, it has the strength to survive and grow in adverse conditions. Unfortunately, its precious bloom only lasts for a few weeks in the spring and early summer.

In China, the country of my ancestors, the peony roots are prized for its medicinal properties and multiple health benefits. For beauty, it is an anti-oxidant that has been a staple in the beauty arsenal of Asian women for centuries.

Every year, these fragrant, photogenic beauties grace my salons and home beginning in April.  I will miss them especially this year.

(Anywhere I am in the world, whenever I see beautiful peonies, I take a photo for my peony album).

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