Frequently Asked Questions – Waxing

What are the basic principles of waxing at The Pink Peony?

1. Hygiene
At The Pink Peony hygiene is paramount and we take care of it in detail, both for our customers and for ourselves. So, for example, during bikini waxing, we use gloves; and we never use the two parts of the spatula, it is discarded every time.
2. Efficiency
For us, each client needs a certain time, not all treatments are practiced the same, or with the same duration. It depends on the hair, the hardness, the quantity … Focusing solely on the speed of the treatment is harmful, not only for the result of the treatment, but also can cause unnecessary pain.
The speed is secondary for us, a good result, avoid the breakage of hair and the comfort of the customer are paramount.
3. Types of wax
In The Pink Peony we give you to choose between three different waxes for your waxing: warm wax, hot wax and intermediate wax. Aesthetics will advise you which is the most appropriate for your skin and you will decide which one you want.

What is the difference between strip wax, hot wax and flexible wax?

The strip of warm wax has a lower temperature than any other wax. To remove it, use a special paper or muslin cloth. This type is ideal for fine hair, or people with varicose veins or diabetics.

Hot wax, the traditional one, is the best method to eliminate coarse and unruly hair, especially in armpits and bikini area. The temperature at which you work is higher, so that the pores expand more and facilitates the extraction of hair from the root. As the wax cools, it clings more tightly to the hair, as it detaches from the skin.

The flexible wax (New Generation) is the most modern development of wax. Its advantage is that it works like hard wax, but it is flexible, so it is less painful when it is started. This is the wax used mainly in the bikini area.

Under what circumstances should you get medical authorization before waxing?

Anyone who is following a treatment with which they have to take Accutane, Retin A, AHA, glycolic acid must obtain a medical authorization before hair removal. These medications can give some skin reaction and cause skin burns during or after the waxing session. Those who have undergone radiation treatments such as chemotherapy should also check with their doctor before shaving.

Who should not be depilating with wax?

Those that have diabetes, varicose veins, area where there is acne, skin that is sunburned or those that are taking acne medication such as Accutane or Tetracycline.

What precautions should you take after waxing?

After epilation the skin requires special care. We recommend:
Do not sunbathe or receive ultraviolet treatments 2 or 3 days before or after hair removal, as it may cause skin discoloration.
Do not wear tight clothing, as it can cause ingrown hairs in the bikini area.
Do not use self-tanning products, deodorants and makeup; the pores are more open, and bacteria can easily enter.

What is the difference between a Normal, Modern or Brazilian?

The normal bikini line is a basic cleaning element that removes hair around the line of underwear so that the hair is not visible.
• The Modern bikini leaves a small triangle in the front.
• The Brazilian bikini removes all hair from the pubis, perineum and vagina, including the anal and leaves a triangle at the front.

What is the most popular style of bikini wax?

For women, the most popular shape now is the Modern bikini wax, where we leave a small triangle.

Is a Brazilian wax painful?

It depends on the sensitivity of each one. Some people feel mild discomfort, while some feel intense pain. The pain is tolerable and only lasts a moment; In addition, the pain diminishes over time as the hair grows thinner and weaker.

What can I do to reduce the pain during the waxing session?

You can reduce the pain by:
Taking Ibuprofen one hour before the waxing session.
Breathing in deeply before each pull.
Avoiding a session of hair removal during menstruation, since it is more sensitive.
Relaxing during the treatment. If the muscles are tightened, the pores contract and hair removal is more difficult. In addition, they tend to perspire and skin moisture reduces the effectiveness of the wax.

How frequently should I get a Brazilian wax?

To be able to work with precision it is necessary that the hair measure about 6 mm. Which amounts to about 4 or 6 weeks. However, there are those who prefer to come before to have the area impeccable, in The Pink Peony we adjust the prices in case of retouching.

How long will a Brazilian wax take?

In general, it takes between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the quantity of hair you have.

Is it safe to have sexual relations after getting a Brazilian bikini wax?

Doctors advise waiting between 24 and 48 hours before having sex. The reason is because the follicles are newly opened and the pores are dilated and therefore are more susceptible to the entry of bacteria, being a possible cause of infection.

How should I prepare myself for a depilation?

If you getting a leg wax, do not apply cream or oil on your skin the day of your appointment. Moisture and skin oils can affect the optimal result of hair removal.

How will my skin feel and look after a waxing session?

People with sensitive skin may have some small rash and temporary dilation of the follicles. Although, in general, you will experience the feeling of having soft skin like that of a baby.

How can I avoid ingrown hair?

We recommend exfoliating every day, and 24 hours after your waxing session. The goal is to gently remove dead skin cells that can cover the pores and prevent hair from growing through them.
It is also recommended to use any product that contains salicylic or glycolic acid. It is best to use it every morning after a shower that is when the follicles are a little more open and the skin is still wet.

What would you recommend for special occasions?

It is advisable to perform hair removal 2 or 3 days before an important event, this will ensure that the skin has time to recover, especially facial and bikini.

What can I expect during a bikini or Brazilian session?

You will be offered disposable underwear and baby wipes to clean the bikini area.
The aesthetic will guide you to elevate the legs in strange positions to have full visibility of the entire area to be plucked. Do not be shy, our beauticians are professionals who only want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and that you have a good treatment result.
On occasion you may be asked to help keep the skin firm to facilitate the pull of the wax and minimize pain.
During the whole service do not hesitate to tell the aesthetic if you are uncomfortable or have any discomfort with the wax.

When should I return for the next Brazilian or bikini wax?

Brazilian wax needs maintenance. If you like the impeccable bikini area you can do the touch-ups you need at reduced prices.

Does The Pink Peony perform Brazilian wax for men (Boyzilian)?

Yes. This type of depilation eliminates all of the hair in intimate zone.