Frequently Asked Questions – Nails and Manicure

What procedure does The Pink Peony take to guarantee a long-lasting manicure?

At The Pink Peony, we only use the best and proven brands in the market:  CND-Shellac, Essie and OPI, and we follow several protocols to guarantee the best durability of your manicure.

In the first place, we eliminate the oil from the nail surface before we apply a base coat.  The base coat serves not only to protect the nails from discoloration but also to make sure that the nail polish adheres well to the nails.  We then apply two coats of polish, making sure to seal the tips.  Finally, we apply a top coat to protect the color of the polish as well as to give it an extra shine.

As a final step, we have you dry your nails under a special drying machine, imported from the U.S.A. that features alternating warm and cold air, along with UV light to ensure that all layers of the polish are thoroughly dry.  We then apply drops of liquid that quickly dries the polish, which also contains almond oil to hydrate the cuticles.

Why is it that a polish sometimes chips off in less than 48 hours?

Even though at The Pink Peony we use the best products and follow the most meticulous protocols, it is possible that your polish will chip off prematurely for the following reasons:

Genetically, some nails are oilier or has a higher level of moisture than normal; even though we use products to improve these type of condition, unfortunately in some cases nature does not allow us to correct everything.

Also, the sudden change in temperature shoudl be taken into account. The winter outdoor freeze and the indoor heating can make the nails react to the extreme change that can sometime lift the polish off the nails.

You also need to avoid contact with the water as the humidity dilates the nails and affect the stability of the polish.

What happens if the polish chips off in the first 48 hours?

If this occurs, come back to The Pink Peony and we will retouch free of charge.  A manicure should appear perfect for at least the first three days and sometimes up to a week with minimum care.  Remember to always use gloves when washing dishes or using cleaning products and do not leave nails soaking in water for too long.

Why should I get a manicure?

Undoubtedly, the final touch for a perfect image, be it on a first date, or an interview, or in any important event that you have to attend, goes through having your hands presentable. With the added benefit that the improvement is instantaneous and, in addition, never disappoints:
• Beautiful, clean, polished nails give greater confidence and security.
• Since the hands are probably the part of the body that looks the most, having your nails taken care of can lift your mood.
• There are times of the year when you do not have time for almost anything else except work. It is beneficial to give yourself extra care allow yourself to be pampered. A manicure will help you to have that moment of little luxury and the aesthetic benefit lasts a few days.

The most important benefit of a manicure is, in addition to the careful appearance, is it may help you avoid the temptations to tear or bite your skins and cuticles and you will always have impeccable hands.  A manicurist will push back & trim your cuticles with proper tools, before you get to them with your teeth and fingers.

How can I stop biting my nails?

A beautifully finished, weekly manicure, especially if colored with dark polish can prevent the temptation to bite our nails. To lose the habit is recommended to do the manicure on a weekly basis, at least, for about 12 weeks or three months. The third and fourth weeks are, in general, the hardest to overcome and you may fall into the temptation to give up.

What causes hangnails and what can I do to avoid them?

Hangnails are the result of biting dry skin that lifts off around the nails. Extreme changes in temperature – winter and summer -, the use of chemical products or frequent hand washing can also dry the skin around the nails and consequently produce hangnails. Keeping your hands and nails hydrated can prevent the growth of hangnails.

We strongly advise you use Dr. Hauschka Neem Oil for Nails or a nourishing cream to keep cuticles hydrated.

Why do hangnails sometimes appear the day after getting a manicure?

A manicure involves some maintenance. Therefore, the most important thing is to keep your hands and cuticles hydrated by applying oil or cream to the cuticles on a daily basis.

Hangnails can grow when newly cut cuticles are exposed to various drying agents such as the weather, chemicals or prolonged immersion in water. If hands are not well protected and hydrated, the skin around the nails will become dry begin to peel apart from the nails.

It is especially important during the winter season that the cuticles are protected and hydrated as the cold temperature tend to dry out the skin.

What can I do to stop biting my nails?

A regular manicure can help you stop biting your nails, as it will greatly improve the appearance of the hands and the enamel will remind you that it is better not to bite them.

If, in spite of this, you keep biting your nails, we recommend that you try a manicure with CND-Shellac. Shellac provides a durable layer that will make it difficult for you to bite through them.

You can also try acupuncture or hypnotherapy to help you to stop biting you nails.

How can I make my manicure last longer?

You can make your manicure last longer if you give it a swipe of top coat or shine after two days. This will prevent the tip from chipping and, at the same time add brilliance to the finish.