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Post-Summer Care: Repairing your skin after sun damage

So autumn has arrived… And there is no better time than to make some New Season Resolutions for your post summer sun affair. Time to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and rebuild. Taking care of your skin after lots of sunshine is one of the holy grails in skin care, to maintain youthful, healthy, and beautiful skin.

How to begin?

Start with a good cleanse.

Surprisingly, many of my clients either skip this step or use a cleanser that is not appropriate for their skin type.  Try cleansing with micellar water as the first step in your post-summer skin care routine. It will ensure that any residual grime, make-up, and excess sebum is dissolved and wiped away with a cotton pad. The beauty of micellar water is its ability to soften pores, while firmly cleansing the skin of any excess unwanted baggage without stripping your skin of moisture.


Follow up with a powerful (but gentle) exfoliation.

Melanin production is a natural reaction when your skin is exposed to the sun. That’s what gives you that amazing tan. But after hours of exposure, your skin begins to develop a thicker layer of keratinized cells that must be dissolved and exfoliated, in order for cellular regeneration and a renewed complexion.

This is the second in-depth process in ridding the dead skin cells that have built up on the epidermal layer, and to help renew and refresh your complexion. These dead skin cells, coupled with too much product, leftover make-up, and free radicals from pollution, create a deadened layer on the top of your skin that is just aching to be sloughed away. The new skin cells that are uncovered by proper exfoliation help diminish the look of fine and deep lines that keratinized cells make more prominent.

The best way to exfoliate is not with harsh physical exfoliators, like ground almonds as they can cause micro tears in the skin, causing premature aging and a susceptibility to infections and complications with your skin. They also increase keratinization, reversing the process of generous exfoliation.  Consider switching to an acid exfoliator – either an Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acid. Three important benefits of acid exfoliants:

  • They offer a method more a more uniform application than a physical exfoliant,
  • They spur collagen production through “controlled damage” and,
  • They’re extremely easy to use and there’s no rinsing or messy grains to deal with.


Your skin contains water and natural oils that keep it luscious and supple. However, after heavy sun exposure, like that of summer sun, your skin suffers from a lack of moisture. After proper exfoliation and a potent Vitamin C serum, the next most important step is making sure to hydrate your skin.

One of the most effective hydrating agents is Hyaluronic Acid. Able to bind up to 1,000x more water weight than it’s own, this compelling skin care hero is a daily essential, especially during your sun repair rituals. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced in the skin, however the drying effects of the sun’s rays cause a heavy dehydration,, amounting to a necessary reboot with our favorite Firm Skin Acai Booster-Serum with hyaluronic acid  from Eminence Organics.


Get a microcurrent facial.

Seeing your esthetician at The Pink Peony is a fundamental step in rejuvenating after your sunny summer. The Microcurrent Facial is not only a clinically-effective treatment in toning facial muscles, reducing fine lines and increasing collagen production, it is an essential factor in skin health after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Our personalized facial treatment is perfect for dull, dehydrated skin, stimulating cell regeneration and helping you to reveal your best skin. Throughout your facial, we utilize products that are natural and organic and with active ingredients from botanical sources, to prepare you for the autumn days ahead.

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