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The Pink PeonyTM es un retiro de belleza en Barcelona al estilo de Nueva York


Tratamientos Faciales Avanzados by PEONY de SY

Severe Acne Treatment Plan (70 minutes)   (95€)

In severe cases of acne, Grade III/IV, an Acne Facial treatment is recommended every 7–10 days for 5-6 sessions and an application of LED LIGHT twice weekly for up to 4–6 weeks.

The purpose is to help further work the process of disinfection of bacteria that causes acne, on the deep layer of the skin and follicle and also to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, increase lymph activity and accelerate cellular turnover especially in cystic areas where scar formation and discoloration are likely to occur. Published Studies have shown that LED increases the metabolic rate of the cell, leading to healthier skin rejuvenation

Follow with treatments every 6–8 weeks to maintain results.


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