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The Pink PeonyTM es un retiro de belleza en Barcelona al estilo de Nueva York


Tratamientos Faciales Avanzados by PEONY de SY

Personalised FACIALS BY PEONY de SY (Introductory price 95€)   (125€)

Our Personalised Facial includes a skin consultation, aromatherapy foot bath, double cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, ultrasonic extraction, microcurrent therapy or LED light therapy and using the appropriate products according to your skin type, skin condition and skincare goal.

For Dry or Mature skin, our goal is to increase hydration, stimulate collagen production and tone facial muscles with Microcurrent therapy.  Microcurrent therapy is a highly-healing, restorative and regenerative treatment that emulates the body’s own currents on a cellular level to tone facial muscles so that it is “lifted”. It also rejuvenates skin health by boosting collagen and elastin production, blood circulation and lymph drainage. Result is skin with less visible lines and a radiant glow. It is also a deeply relaxing experience.

For Acne Prone Skin, our goal is a deep cleansing treatment that includes Salicylic Acid exfoliation to dissolve and clear blackheads and impurities, clear away accumulated dead skin cells that is clogging up pores, and LED light therapy to disinfect the skin on a deeper level by penetrating into the follicles to kill P. Acnes Bacteria. It also helps to calm inflammation and prevent (and or reduce) acne scaring.

Note that in order to protect the health of your skin extraction is only carried out as required and at the discretion of our aesthetician.

We use and love Éminence Organics because they include the best anti-ageing and acne curing active ingredients such as retinol, AHA, BHA and peptides. These are derived from natural, organic, biodynamically grown fruits, medicinal plants and herbs and give the skin exceptionally high nutrients and active compounds.



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